Facial Fitness, a skin care studio in Charlotte, NC

Your skin is unique and so should be your skin care treatment.  Every facial treatment is customized for your specific skin needs and concerns.  My list of customized treatments may be short, but each one has been tested for the greatest effectiveness.

Is your skin in need of some attention?  Facial Fitness is a one on one studio where your concerns are my concerns and your results are my ultimate priority.  Let me help you with real results.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Wow, I love Facial Fitness – a small facial studio where calm and quiet is the norm.  Not a “fluff” facial but sound advice on skincare.  The facial is relaxing and effective.  I see improvements in my skin every time.


Thank you so much for an awesome facial and also for the tons of education!  I learned so much about my skin and how to properly take care of it with Osmosis skin products.  My skin has never been healthier or looked better.



I met Joy through my hairdresser and I am so glad I did!  My hairdresser was raving about the facial she had had that day and how great her skin felt and her skin did look good.  After seeing Joy for just a few visits, my skin is smoother, softer and more even-toned.  The micro-current treatments are softening the fine lines and the lifting benefit has been awesome for making me look younger.  The Osmosis products have made a difference too!  Thanks Joy!


Why Did I Choose My Skincare?

I like to use a product in my facial room called Osmosis. Many ask me why did I choose that brand and why do I like it so much. Well, here is why. If you are a client of mine, you have heard the spill, how I look for "natural"products. Products without chemicals,...

What Is A Facial and Why Is It So Expensive?

Facials, what are they? Well, it can be as simple as a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and hydration with good quality products, or it can be much more comprehensive using many different pieces of equipment, like microdermabrasion, microcurrent , LED lights, skin...

You Trust Your Esthetician So Why Aren’t You Buying Her Products?

You are having regular facials.  Your skin is improving and looks better and better.  So why are you going to the drug store for your products?  Is an employee at the store an expert on your skin?  Your Esthetician has been working hard to improve your skin.  She has...

Beauty Is Easy

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As an Esthetician, I guess I have heard some amazing stories.  Like the one where you run warm water over your face in the shower and that cleans it.  Or another one, where you use the same soap that you use on your body to clean your face.  Really?  Well, I have to...

Have You Jumped on the Retinol Bandwagon?

People ask me all the time about products and here is an observation that I have made.  Many products have popped up containing Vitamin A/Retinol.  These products boast smoothing, brightening, anti-aging and wrinkle-erasing ingredients that will heal all of your skin...