As an Esthetician, I guess I have heard some amazing stories.  Like the one where you run warm water over your face in the shower and that cleans it.  Or another one, where you use the same soap that you use on your body to clean your face.  Really?  Well, I have to say this is not treating your skin very well.  In fact, the health of your skin is at great risk!  I know you have heard your skin is the largest organ.  Your skin protects you from bacteria and environmental pollutants that would cause you harm.  Your skin actually helps to keep you healthy.  So why not take care of it? 

If your skin is going to be in good health and look good for many years, you have to care for it.  Washing is the most important thing you do.  Washing must be done daily, 2 times a day and that is nonnegotiable!  Even if you use no products, cleaning to remove pollutants is a must!  Maybe you just don’t realize that toxins cling to your skin and irritate it and over time these toxins weaken your skin’s natural barrier.  This deterioration of your natural barrier can cause poor skin texture, color and can lead to acne, eczema and maybe even loss of elasticity.  Oh no! 

Ok, now that we have established the importance of cleaning your skin twice a day, what product are you using to do that?  The product you choose is really important.  Your cleanser should be gentle on your skin and not strip your skin.  If your skin feels really tight after washing it, you do not have the right cleanser.  Your skin feels tight and dry because it is unbalanced and that will lead to issues. 

So, it is so simple.  A couple of minutes in the morning and evening will make a huge difference in the way your skin ages.  Not washing makeup and toxins off your skin will age your skin.

There are many ways to boost the health of your skin and we can discuss that later.  At the absolute minimum, cleanse twice a day.  Your skin will feel better and look better.  Not sure that you believe me?  Compare your facial skin with the skin on your bottom, an area that is always protected.  See what I mean?  The skin looks smoother and healthier.  Now cleansers can be $5 or $40, you can buy them almost anywhere but be mindful of choosing a product with safe ingredients and one that is right for your skin.  The right choice will make your skin look fresh and renewed.  Many clients have reported that just proper cleansing made their skin look years younger!  Not sure – let me help you!