Micro-Current Rejuvenation Facial

Increased firmness and elasticity.  Does that sound like a dream?  Firming your eyes or jawline?  Clearing of acne?  Improving rosacea?  Yes, this is possible!  Increase collagen and elastin, increase circulation without any downtime or surgery. What a great way to treat your skin!  Micro-current  greatly tightens and strengthens the muscles of your face and promotes tissue repair.

This initially requires a series of sessions.  The number of visits will depend on a number of factors.  Results are cumulative over a period of time.  Once we have the desired results, a maintenance plan is established to keep your muscles maintained and in good shape. 

Can younger skin benefit from micro current?  Yes!  This will slow the aging process and maintain a youthful look.  This can also be used for special events or added to any other facial treatment.


Series of 6 or more – $100

VIP Clients – $90

Series must be done on a weekly or twice a month basis


RevitaPen facial will immediately refresh your skin and improve texture and tone so you will have a beautiful glow.  Minimize the look of lines and wrinkles and allow for maximum absorption of targeted serums.  Direct delivery of these serums right to the edge of the dermal layer will restore the ideal environment for optimal function and regeneration.

Restore and Renew.  In a matter of days, a smoother, more radiant and even-toned  skin will appear.  Over the next two weeks, skin firmness and elasticity is increased and skin will have a more youthful look.  A series of 4-6 is recommended.


Series of 4 or more – $100

VIP Clients – $90

Series must be done on a weekly or twice a month basis

The Facial Infusion

Non-Chemical Peel and Dermal Therapy

The very first non-chemical peel in the industry!!!  Gently resurface your skin with vitamins and nutrients to the dermis (deep layer of the skin) which results in an increase in cellular turnover.  The dermis is where aging skin starts and where renewal can take place. 

This is not your traditional peel.  It is safe for every skin type and condition and is fully customized for your individual needs. 

Note:  Must not have used Retin-A or any form of prescription topical tretinoin in the last 30 days.  No Accutane in 6 months or had any facial waxing 24 hours prior.

This infusion may be done every 2-4 weeks.


Series of 3 or more – $100

VIP Clients – $90

Series must be done on a weekly or twice a month basis

LED Photo Light Therapy

Photo light therapy is technology using diodes of light to tighten and smooth skin, work on acne, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, rosacea and aging.  Skin improves with each treatment.


Series of 3 or more- $75

VIP Clients – $65

Series must be done on a weekly or twice a month basis.

Custom Facial

Your facial treatment is customized according to what  your skin needs at the moment.  Serum products, exfoliation, masks and other ingredient additives and modalities are all selected for what your skin needs most each time. 


Personal Skin Evaluation


Let’s talk.  Do you feel like you need some guidelines with how to treat your skin and what are the best products to use?  Together we can decide what is working and what isn’t.  Includes cleansing, evaluation and suggestions of products and services.  We finish with an application of appropriate serums and moisturizer/SPF that is right for you. 


New clients only

Fee will be waived with the purchase of products suggested

VIP Service


Are you committed to making your skin the best it can be?  Have you been through a series of skin care treatments done weekly or twice a month?  Are you wanting to continue at least on a monthly basis?  If the answer is yes, then you can take advantage of special discounts only for you!!!


Discounts on products and services are for you exclusively!