You are having regular facials.  Your skin is improving and looks better and better.  So why are you going to the drug store for your products?  Is an employee at the store an expert on your skin?  Your Esthetician has been working hard to improve your skin.  She has been feeding and nourishing your skin with good quality ingredient products.  So why are you wrecking the results in one day with products that are stripping the lipid barrier and dehydrating your skin?

Ok, rant over, but let’s get real.  Why spend money on facials if you are not going to continue the results at home.  Yes, I know, some products are expensive but the better products are usually very concentrated, meaning a small amount goes a long way, so you can use less.  That inexpensive product is usually full of water, so you use a lot more.  In spite of what the cosmetics industry would have you believe, usually 3-4 products is sufficient for a good skin care program.  You really do not need 2 or 3 moisture creams for different parts of your face or a separate neck or eye cream.  Skin is skin, no matter where it is!

Your Esthetician is committed to getting the best results she can for you, so that product she is recommending for you could just be the ticket for improving that skin condition you have battled for years.

I personally sample products to my clients.  One particular product that I use, for example, costs me over $200.  That sample of product that I gave you to try could have been $30 worth.  I do that though so you can see how it works for you before you buy it and if you like it.  My advice is to carefully consider who you are buying your products from.  Are they someone committed to the health of your skin or someone just trying to relieve you of your last few dollars!  A few good quality, healthy ingredient products will make a huge difference in how you skin looks and behaves.  Since we only have one face, why not take care of it for life.